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My soul feels like it is being eaten alive
by shiny words that have no meaning
and by hungry thirsty people
who gulp me down without a second thought
until I eventually become a corpse scratching at the dirt
and clawing my way from the others
But no matter how much I try to leave
I'm still pulled back
and swallowed down into nothingness

My light feels dim
like nothing is being illuminated
on the sidewalks when I roam
something calls destructive souls to me
like I'm calling children home for supper and suddenly
there's more than I can imagine
and remember giving birth to

I claw at my throat
to hold back the words I want to really say and
I feel the panic bubbling
and burning my veins
Because it's like I'm afraid to be honest
so I won't hurt someone's heart and soul
but it's tearing me apart
believing in the lies and
twisting my brain and hands into impossible knots
that I cannot even begin
to imagine attempting to untie
You are the paper I write my stories on
Between the breathless
wonderment that fills our lungs
I want to sear your soul with my touch
Leave you yearning until the next time
To touch
To tide us over
Until the moment is right

Your body is my canvas
I lovingly touch
Mending and bending
Any worn parts back into place
Your eyes are there
In the back of my mind
Every time I close mine

It's a cliche I know
I could write about the millions of stars
That shine brightly
And how they cannot compare to your heart
Instead I'll wait
Until we are asleep
Tangled together in the sheets
I'll hold you close

I'll paint our story on the walls of my heart
I'll write about falling stars
To tell everyone about your beauty and soul
A moment lingers
Caught in madness and tears
I clutch to broken glass
In the attempt to find something real
A taste a touch of something
Of anything
To remind me of you
Of when the stars were ours

I tore out my stitches against doctor's orders
Whispered I'd sneak you inside you only had to be patient
Hide you away in the closet and then under the bed
Let you engulf my senses and blankets
Lend me your shoulders for a little while

While I wasn't looking you snuck away taking your memories with you leaving me with nothing but a cold and empty bed
Told me it was for the best
And gave me only a small seed of my heart back

So I'll bury the seed away
Far beneath the surface in the hopes it'll grow once more and be stronger this time
Poetry is s u b j e c t I v e
Just like those who read it
You cannot place a rating on something
In which it's difficult to do so

Do you rate  based on if
The author created a waterfall with words
Or whether they ripped open your ribcage
And fished out your organs one by one

So do we count if they've killed us
With each breath we do not draw
When favorite characters are beaten or slayed
Challenges like fiery dragons and fairies come to raid us away
How many stars do we give

When suddenly a word falls flat
Like a note now out of tune
No longer plucking our heartstrings
And the world falls deaf and silent
Spent and weary from holding on for far too long

Do we base our ideas on if the author had toiled hard enough bled enough or suffered enough
Until we can almost see their own last breath
Lining the spine of the book and keeping the ink from fully drying
Leave the words to the wind and rain in wait
Squandering away hopes and dreams until they become skeleton
Bony and knotted and gnarled from lack of use

It's all subjective in the end
For every single little meaning
December 21st, I had spinal surgery. I had suffered two herniated discs in my lower back and had been off of work since September due to the issue. I had surgery in order to hopefully regain some function of my body and leg. 

Surgery was a success. I am in minimal pain, which is to be expected after any major surgery. That did put a small damper on my holidays but it was still enjoyable either way. 

I hope the holidays have been well and good for all my fellow friends and watchers! ♥


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United States

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
-Robert Frost


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